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Stage or Platform? Not Just A Matter of Semantics

Years ago when we renovated the sanctuary, I was so pleased with the design the committee recommended for the area for the choir, praise team, and the preaching.  On paper, it was beautiful and the perfect size.  But when they started building it, I thought, “Oh, no!  This is HUGE!  We’ll never need all this space.”  (How wrong I was!  It is a perfect size; sometimes even a little on the small size.)  But when it was being built, I called it our “football field in the sanctuary.”  That’s how big I thought it felt.

But more importantly than the size, I often think about the purpose of that area.  What comes forth from that beautiful wooden region of the sanctuary?  It is a message!  A message of hope and life-change; a message of encouragement and instruction.  It is an area from which the Word of the Living God of the Universe is proclaimed.  So is it a stage or a platform?

Consider this: performers perform on a stage; me singing to you for your enjoyment.  A platform, however, is a structure from which a speaker takes a position and proclaims it to others.  We are familiar with political platforms, for example.  To my way of thinking, our raised structure is not a stage, for we don’t use it to entertain; it’s not for your enjoyment.   It’s a platform from which a speaker (or singer or choir or testifier or scripture reader or drama group) proclaims the truth upon which they stand.  In many ways, the whole sanctuary floor becomes a platform in which the congregation as a whole proclaims its beliefs as we sing the truths contained in the songs we sing. 

You have a platform every day upon which you can stand.  You, through your life and your words, stand and proclaim the truths of Jesus.  So, will you stand on a stage every day as you go through life, to entertain the people around you?  Or will you use your life as a platform to proclaim the truths of Jesus Christ?  I encourage you to use your life as the latter.

David Johnson, Worship Pastor




The Missions Committee of Campbellsville Baptist Church has partnered with Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The best way we can help right now is to pray as well as sponsor a “Crisis Response Bucket.” Each bucket costs approximately $50 and contains heavy duty cleaning supplies, protection, and tools for addressing the physical impact on a property resulting from water or wind damage. The buckets are easily distributable and durable in addition to serving a second purpose as storage for valuables.

CBC’s goal is 100 buckets … that is $5,000!!!  

We will collect monetary donations Sunday, September 3 and 10.

Donations can be made to Campbellsville Baptist Church, designated to “Hurricane Harvey Relief.”

Write a check, give cash, or use our church app.

100% of every dollar given goes directly to aid Southern Baptist Disaster Relief efforts. 


September 3: Rev. Robby Speer

September 10: Rev. Jeff Eaton
September 17: Rev. Rick Gage




Taylor County Baptist Association Annual Meeting

Campbellsville Baptist Church will host the TCBA Annual Meeting on Sunday, September 10, 2017.  The Annual Meeting will consist of two sessions, 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm, with a dinner provided by CBC around 5:30 pm.  Please make plans to attend.  We need greeters, servers, and as many of our church members as possible.  The night will be filled with worship, guest speakers, and the business of the association.

September Fellowship Meal Menu

September 6
Burgers/ Veggie Patties,
Hot Dogs
Corn on the Cob
Fries, Salad Bar
Banana Pudding/Ride Krispy Treats

September 13
Pork Chops
Steamed Veggies
Salad Bar
Cake/ Cookies
Kids- Chicken Tenders

September 20
Baked Chicken
Rice Pilaf
Broccoli Casserole
Salad Bar
Apple Turn Overs
Kids – Mini Pizzas

September 27
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Bread Sticks
Salad Bar
Pineapple Dump Cake/ Oreo Pudding
Kids – P.B. Jelly/ Chips (?)



Weekly Calendar

Sunday, September 3
9:00AM, Worship: Rev. Robby Speer
10:30AM, Sunday School
No Evening Services

Vital Signs: August 20

Worship: 647
Sunday School: 716
Jail Ministry: 29

Budget Receipts Received This Week: $14,450.65
Budget Goal YTD: $818,272.23
Budget Receipts YTD: $744,208.09
Over/(Under) Budget Goal YTD: ($74,064.14)

Vital Signs: August 27

Worship: 366
Sunday School: 408
Jail Ministry: 33

Budget Receipts Received This Week: $17,015.93
Budget Goal YTD: $842,339.06
Budget Receipts YTD: $761,224.02
Over/(Under) Budget Goal YTD: ($81,115.04)


Ways to Give @ CBC

MyCBC: Over the past few months you have seen the ad for our new church app – MyCBC. Did you know that you can give through this app? All you have to do is follow the directions and set it up. Search “Campbellsville Baptist Church” in the app store. It only takes about 60 seconds.

Text to Give: From your smartphone/tablet follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open your texting/messaging app on your phone
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