Christian Life Center Fitness

The Christian Life center is equipped with a high school size gym with 2 racquetball courts and a walking track above the gym. The weight room is equipped with several cardio machines in addition to a full set of free weights and multipurpose machines. The CLC is open to the public during the posted hours above. The gym is only open for basketball during non-programmed events. 

Call 270-465-2683 or email for more info.

Lunchball Monday-Friday 11AM-1PM


Want to have fun while exercising? Join us for Yoga at CBC.  This class will help build core strength while lengthening and toning muscles.  Also will increase flexibility while building mental and physical endurance. Monday and Thursday nights at 6PM in the Youth room, free to all.

Cardio Dance Fitness

Cardio Dance Fitness adds variety to your fitness routine. This workout is a fun way to combine cardio with strenth training while listening to upbeat music. It's broken down into simple moves to where anyone can participate. Join the fun and burn the calories at the same time during this high intensity workout! Meet on Mondays at 6:30PM and the cost is $4 per class. For more information contact Danielle Lee at


An exercise class for any senior adult who wishes to attend. Class is held in the CLC Snack Room at 11:30AM on Wednesdays and Fridays.